Archeology of Capitalsim

The artistic practice of Driton Selmani is focused on the reflection of the topical social issues in his immediate surrounding as well as on the constructing provocative and controversial discourse, based on humour and irony. It is an ongoing investigation on parallel realities that challenge the conventional perception of a viewer. In the Archaeology of Capitalism series of photographs Selmani conduct investigation on found objects that were taken from socially shifting landscape. The photographs subtly focus on artificial structures of everyday life in order to unfold the facts and boost the fiction. His central intention is to extract the otherness, the witty and the somethingness of the ordinary by pointing the camera at something familiar yet alien. Driton Selmani (1987) is an artist who work across a wide range of media, including drawing, video, photography and sculpture He lives and works in Priština, Kosovo.

Miha Colner, Independent Curator

Ljubljana, December 2015