Off, 2015

Custom-made concrete pots, metal parts, hand-crafted and plastered
EPS buildings, soil, grass, dimensions: 100 cm x 300 cm
Installation view: Parallel Sprawl — Modelariumi Prishtina
Curated by: Valentin Kunik & Guillaume de Morsier


Off – reflects on the forced process of landscape transformation engendered by social and political motivations. As a poor province of former Yugoslavia, landscape developments and urban planning reached Kosovo quite late and did not last for long. Following the destruction caused by the war at the end of the 1990s, a new claim arose demanding to erase the leftovers of the past: at the same time, the construction of illusions within an ideological transition became tangible through architectural endeavors. This phenomenon created a mixture of kitsch, fordized buildings, and rather unsophisticated visual townscapes. Off combines this urban view with a personal reading of his environment by the artist, addressing the way individuals helped the rising of “ordinary utopias”.

Text: Kálmán Borbála, Ludwig Múzeum