Photo Courtesy: Blerim Racaj


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Lekë Shala

Studio Manager

Besir Tusha & Avdyl Veseli

Head of Productions & Special Projects

Skender Xhukolli

Studio Technician, Installation Specialist

Luizë Deda

Studio Assistant

Besim Krosa

Architecture, Project Management, Design

Veli Hoti / LexTrust LLC.

Legal representative


Programming & Web Developer

ICECODEX - Arjan Begisholli


All images by Driton Selmani with exceptions below:

Lost For Words, by Ann-Sophie Deldycke with Beaufort Triennale (2024) / Unseen Rituals Of Radical Transparency, by Ferdi Limani with Lëvizja FOL (2023) / Prrallë, by Laurynas Skeisgiela with apiece (2023) / The Other Re-Imagine the Future, by N. Lackner with Kunsthaus Graz (2023) / Fig. Drawings, by Manuel Carreon Lopez (2023) / Love Letters by Blerim Racaj (2023) / Geisters Or Vice Versa, by Manuel Carreon Lopez with Kahan Art Space (2023) / Alchemy by Valentijn Goethals with 019, Ghent / Let It Be, by Rie Neuchs with Museet for Samtidskunst (2023) / Weather Forecast + The Barking Of The Clouds Does Not Hurt The Dogs, by Denis Saraginovski with MoCA Skopje (2022) / Depart To Somewhere Elese by Zaklina Antonijevic with Salon Salon Galič (2022) / Love Letters by Atdhe Mulla & Majlinda Hoxha with Manifesta 14, (2022) / The Weight of the World by Kajsa Rolfsson (2022) / Tell Me Where I Am From, by Aron Urb with 18th Tallinn Print Triennial (2022) / The Grave Is Better Than Not Knowing, by Atdhe Mulla with The Humanitarian Law Center Kosovo (2021) / Milk Of Dreams, by Julia Dajçi with Isle Of Thorns / British Council (2021) / Screenshots Of Now, by Duško Miljanić with Podgorica Museum and Gallery (2021) / Weather Forecast, by Katarina Zlatec with Dotrščina Virtual Museum (2021) / Red Tape, by Roberto Luigi Apa with MAXXI Museum (2021) / Flag Of Tmrrw, by Toni Meštrović with Almissa Festival (2020) / But No But, by Maja Argakijeva with MoCA Skopje (2019) / ZigZag, by Archives Modernes (2019) / Places We Leave Behind, by Jaka Babnik & Kristina Bursać (2019) / WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T DO IT, by Ivan Zupancic with U10 Belgrade (2019) / More And More Thoughts About Other Thoughts, by Ivan Zupancic with U10 Belgrade (2019) / Love Letters by Rilind Beqa (2019), Only Time Will Tell, by Klemen Llovar with Škuc Gallery (2019) / Two Jokes One Truth | We’re Not Like Them, by Damir Žižić with MMSU Rijeka (2019) / Landlocked Deep Desires, by Alban Nuhiu & Gëzim Paqarizi with Lumbardhi Cinema (2019) / SECRETLY KISSING EACH OTHER, by Nemanja Knežević with with Eugster || Belgrade (2018) / Mundane Moments Merge Mountains , by Nemanja Knežević with with Eugster || Belgrade (2018) / Eye to Eye, by Janus van den Eijnden & Konstantin Guz with Amsterdam Light Festival (2018) / Fountain of Doubt by Albert Allgaier with Bregenz Biennale (2018) /Truth Lies Here, by Arben Llapashtica with Dokufest (2018) / Le Charge, by Mehdi Mojahid (2017) / Wanderlust by Roberto Lacarbonara with Exchiesetta (2016) / My Country On My Back by Michele Giacovelli with Exchiesetta (2016) / The Whale That Was a Submarine, by Dániel Végel with Ludwig Múzeum (2016) / Deaf, by Tim Auerbach with Lukas Feichtner Galerie (2015) / Utopia by Mustafa Berisha (2019) / For God’s Sake by Elmaz Krasniqi (2008).