Utopia, The Place That Doesn’t Exist

Utopia, The Place That Doesn’t Exist

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Driton Selmani's video, "Utopia, the Place That Doesn't Exist," filmed in 2009 following the UN's proclamation of Kosovo's independence, delves into the concepts of borders and utopia. It questions the effectiveness of delineating borders to establish a state and explores the utopian ideals associated with national independence. Developed without a distinct center or periphery, the work challenges conventional notions and presents an image where creation is not solely driven by aesthetics but by a deep understanding of the world and the necessity to articulate it. Thus, utopias emerge from a reevaluation of our position in the world. This simple gesture prompts reflections on our origins, trajectory, spatial relationships, and capacity to enact change in the world. Ultimately, our interaction with the world parallels our engagement with others, urging us to observe and scrutinize it.

Text: Dounia Mojahid

Utopia, The Place That Doesn’t Exist, 2009
Intervention in public space, Prishtina, March 2009
Single-channel video installation
Duration: 1min 59sec Screening ratio: 16:9
Courtesy of the Artist ©