Eye To Eye

Eye To Eye

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Driton Selmani’s installation, "Eye to Eye," is a striking testament to the power of symbolism and protection in public spaces. Taking the form of a colossal eye-shaped amulet, it transcends mere physical presence to safeguard not only Amsterdam but also its inhabitants, animals, and landscapes. Selmani ingeniously magnifies a familiar pop icon into a potent shield against malevolent forces, notably the evil eye. "Eye to Eye" acts as a beacon of hope and security, its watchful gaze offering reassurance to all who encounter it. By reimagining the eye motif, Selmani infuses the installation with a deep sense of guardianship, evoking ancient beliefs in amulets and talismans. Beyond its protective role, "Eye to Eye," becomes a poignant landmark, engaging viewers in a silent dialogue. Its unblinking stare prompts introspection, inviting individuals to confront their fears and desires, fostering a connection with their inner selves. Ultimately, The Eye is more than just a public artwork; it is a symbol of protection, introspection, and communal solidarity. As it watches over the cityscape, it serves as a reminder of humanity's resilience and the enduring power of art to inspire and uplift.

Text: Roos Hollander

Driton Selmani — Eye To Eye, 2017
Steel tubes, LED lights, fiberglass plates, custom halo system,
Dimensions: 11 meters high, 3.5 meters wide
Installation view: Amsterdam Light Festival
Courtesy of the Artist & Light Art Collection ©
Images: Konstantin Guz