Flag of Tomorrow

Flag of Tomorrow

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The artwork, aptly titled the "Flag of Tomorrow," serves as a captivating totem that engages in a mesmerizing dance around its axis, guided by the winds blowing from the Adriatic Sea. Its movement is not merely aesthetic but symbolic, embodying a profound metaphorical journey into the heart of contemporary society.

In this pivotal moment in human history, the "Flag of Tomorrow" emerges as a tangible gateway, inviting viewers to delve deep into the inner workings of our modern trajectories. It stands as a beacon, illuminating the critical juncture at which we find ourselves, urging introspection and contemplation.

This literal flag, with its fluttering presence, becomes more than just a symbol of national pride; it morphs into a monument, a solemn remnant of today's hubris and a solemn marker of the uncertainties of tomorrow. Inspired by the evocative imagery of Pieter Bruegel's painting, "The Triumph of Death" (1562-1563), the artwork carries echoes of historical turmoil and existential questioning.

Through its creation, the artist crafts an altar dedicated to the current state of exception, a sacred space where observers can engage in a pilgrimage of introspection. It beckons us to confront the perpetual query: Where are we headed? In its fluttering, we find a profound meditation on the fragility of existence, the inevitability of change, and the enduring quest for meaning amidst the tumult of contemporary life.
Neli Ružić – curator of Almissa Open Art Festival 112

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Flag of Tomorrow, 2020
Welded steel, rotating mechanism
Installation View: Almissa XI / Omiš, Croatia
Courtesy of the Artist & Almissa Festival ©
Images: Toni Meštrović