Weather Forecast Public Project

Weather Forecast Public Project

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"Planet Earth is old news. It’s the house we are discarding. We definitely don't love her. We almost believe we don’t need her.1

It appears as though forests are hidden books, where each tree composes a blank white page, awaiting another poem to be inscribed upon them as a "testimony" and the foundation for any narrative concerning the past2. Venturing into the intricate relationship between nature and humanity, and utilizing the deep forest as a reference point to confess and construct the history of our time, the project questions the cost of what we are unwilling to pay.

The installation involves placing used school blackboards throughout the depths of the forest, where records of historical or personal events will serve as a guide for preserving memory for future generations. These writings, made non-erasable, serve as evidence and essential lessons to balance the history of the future between humanity and nature itself."

1. 100 Notes – 100 Thoughts / No006: Etel Adnan, The Cost for Love We Are Not Willing to Pay, ( dOCUMENTA 13, 2011)

2. Paul Ricoeur, La Mémoire, l’Histoire, l’Oublie (París: Seuil, 2000)

Weather Forecast, 2021, ongoing
Used school blackboards, white acrylic paint, and timber panels
Dimensopns: 350 x 250 x 25 cm each
Courtesy of the Artist & Museum of Dotršcina ©
Images: Katarina Zlatec