Unseen Rituals Of Radical Transparency

 Unseen Rituals Of Radical Transparency

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Selmani's mastery of word and light unfolds in this temporary light installation, a hallmark of his career. Monumental lettering on buildings and landscapes sets the stage for a powerful exploration. Subverting public language through nontraditional forms, the video work dissects the disconcerting narrative of broken promises of power. Selmani's impactful text-based style unravels the present reality of unkept pledges, employing the optative mood to expose the hollowness of authority.

Accompanied by the sounds of a trumpet player, the work becomes a contradiction of its time, capturing the tension between broken words and transforming them into radical sounds.The landscape portrayed reflects a tattered democracy, neglect, and abandonment, projecting the urgency of social repair. Selmani's poignant reflection on the enduring impact of words and promises leaves the audience stranded on disillusioned shores.

The artwork's finale, 'Let There Be Drones,' unveils a radical choreography in the dance of decayed transparency — a compelling commentary challenging viewers to confront the remnants of unkept promises in the socio-political sphere.

*Levizja Fol has granted Selmani carte blanche for this extraordinary presentation and his unique artist's approach.

Unseen Rituals Of Radical Transparency, 2023
Horizontal LED board with white diodes and black housing
Dimensions: 300 x 800 x 15 cm
Courtesy of the artist & Lëvizja FOL ©