Driton Selmani — One Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety-Nine II

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Work No. 13519, (2020-2023)
Transparent latex paint on paper
35 x 43 cm

This painting series emerges from an introspective dialogue, employing the translucency of latex and engaging in the archaeological endeavor of rectifying temporal blindness. Through the strategic use of whiteness and transparency, the drawings navigate the realms of memory and contemporary existence, progressively retrieving objects and novel narratives from the darkness.

The accompanying words materialize through a process of recollecting pivotal maxims, being told to me by my parents. They demanded attention, application, or remembrance—such as silence, closed eyes, refraining from singing, maintaining proximity to kin, or attending to baking soda etc…

These directives echo the circumstances of our concealment in the Saw Mountains in April 1999, where the entirety of my 33-member family sought refuge in an agricultural truck for 3 weeks.

Persisting incessantly is the primal emotional impetus to cast as much light as possible into the ensuing darkness. The enigmatic nature of the present demands a measure of circumspection, reminiscent of the counsel provided back in 1999.